Develop a corporate culture of resonant leaders who inspire passion and positively impact the lives of our people, our communities in which we live and work, and the clients that place their trust in our abilities to professionally manage their interests.



To provide our clients with the best construction and project development experience that leads to the formation lasting relationships.



Value Circle - Integrity.png

Integrity is a quality that forms the very foundation of our corporate culture and how we navigate through our day to day work. We employ honest communication and value transparency. We strive to become a model for consistancy of character in our dealings with all stakeholders and construction partners. We view our people as ambassadors of our organization and the industry as a whole.


Value Circle - Innovation.png

No single project is the very same, nor is the economic landscape or political climate year to year, that diversity requires innovative solutions at the practical level. We believe that the driver for innovation is fostering a culture of continuous improvement, adaptability and vision. We encourage creative problem solving by engaging our people to take a leadership role in solution based management, education, collaboration and research. We embrace new technologies and processes that enable us to achieve better results in the areas of project execution, safety, quality and cost. We firmly believe these coordinated efforts will continue to transform our organization into one that continues to provide the best value and quality for our clients and industry partners.


Value Circle - Collaboration.png

We embrace the attitude of service and humility in our approach to managing our relationships. We believe that the first step to collaboration is listening and that it shows respect, increases knowledge, generates good ideas and focuses our team on understanding with clarity first, so we may respond to the needs of all stakeholders in a fair and equitable manner. 

Value Circle - Quality.png

We know quality is predominately defined by our clients, and therefore is an integral component of our strategic planning process and a mindful intention to drive continual improvement and pre-plan for quality outcomes. We invest in prevention for first time quality on a regular basis, through strategic benchmarking initiatives that enables us to identify our performance gaps and opportunities.

Value Circle - Learning.png

Learning is more than a matter of building skills and knowledge within the scope of our profession, It forms an ongoing and intentional investment in our people so we may be well rounded and effective in our work. This allows us the ability to leverage a variety of learning experiences into generating new ideas, sustainable and healthy growth, and the opportunity to fulfill our commitments to our stakeholders.


We recognize that our greatest strength is our people. To be consistently successful, Tri-Stad, provides a healthy and rewarding place for our people to grow and be productive in their work. We encourage our people to be passionate about the difference that they are able to make in the lives of everyone they work with when they work to their potential. Mutual respect and a strong service mindset is an integral part for our success.


We are fully engaged in creating a safe, healthy and mindful work environment. This is not only an important part of our culture, it's a moral obligation. Safety is a guiding principle of our organization and we will not compromise the health and safety of our team or any people that work with us on our sites. Tri-Stad strives to continually identify and manage the risk through ongoing education and best practices in order to fulfill our commitment in caring for people and their families.


As an organization we continue to learn and evolve in how we manage good corporate stewardship. We plan and advocate for sustainable practices in our corporate and field operations as well as the communities in which we live and work. We educate our people, engage our clients and industry experts to exercise good environment, social and economic stewardship.