The process of hiring a general contractor in Edmonton for your commercial construction project is a little like dating to try and find the person you’re going to marry. The stakes are high and the wrong choice can lead to much unhappiness and even financial ruin. Therefore, you need to be cautious and extremely diligent about interviewing potential candidates. Make sure you ask these questions.


1.    What’s your business’ history and current model?

What you want to find out is how the general contractor got their start, the types of clients they’ve had, and if they’ve undergone litigation (if so, you also want to know how the case was resolved).  Furthermore, it’s necessary to find out about their current operation practices—for example, how many employees they have and which subcontractors they use—and also about their safety practices and what insurance they provide.

2.    How many jobs like mine have you completed?

In addition to all of the above, you should find out from the commercial general contractors in and around Edmonton who you speak with if they’ve worked on projects like yours in the past. If so, how many, which ones, and can they provide you with references from these particular projects. The answers to this line of querying should make it clear if you have a contender or if you should look elsewhere.

3.    How often will you be onsite and who will be supervising in your absence?

The general contractor should regularly be on your site to oversee the work being done and make sure the project stays on track. Inquire as to how often they’ll be around and what schedule they work by. You also want to hear that when they’re not there, they have qualified individuals who will manage the project in their stead.

4.    How are you planning on keeping me up to date?

What you want to know is that the general contractor has a clear plan about how they’ll keep you in the loop. You also want to discern what the process will be for scheduling onsite visits and the best way to stay in contact.

5.    How do payments work?

No interview would be complete without at least some discussion about finances. You need to find out about what kind of deposit the contractor needs and what payment schedule options you’ll have. You’ll also want to get an overall estimate.


In addition

Be sure to get a hold of references and ask them about their experience with the general contractor(s). It’s also a good idea to visit one or more sites that were worked on to verify the quality of the work done.


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